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    Friday, November 11, 2016

    Dear Diary

    It has been four years since my last post.
    In between this post, I have graduated from poly, found my first job as an application Engineer in a company called Cairnhill Metrology, and was headhunted to work for the most prestigious science institution in Singapore; A*star.

    It has been a really happening four years of my life. I have moved from John's place to woodlands for about three years now. my grandma have been ill this few weeks. I am trying to arrange a trip back to visit her but i am so busy right now :(

    I will probably be reading this while reminiscing the past sometime in the distant future.
    remember this. PRESERVERANCE PAY OFF.

    remember, as I am writing this post, I am currently
    1. Working as an assitant engineer for a boss that makes you work like a senior engineer.
    2. Studying as an undergrad in NTU time while juggling sponsorship (yes, I am a scholar noww:))
    3. Trying to set a spin-off company with a collague and past partner.
    4. Juggling to maintain friendship and relationships (i will elaborate this further)
    5. Trying to pay off a house that I decided to buy in jakarta.

    how freaking insane is this? hahaha
    I am not complaining. my life is very interesting now compared to the life full of sorrow some years back.

    I have met a couple of friends in the recent year.
    Alfred, Douglas, Loelle, Lina, Andrea, Zhen Yong, and omg so many.

    I have drifted far away from the original group. oh and btw I bumped into Yuzhen during my dive trip a couple months back in tioman (YES I AM A FREAKING DIVER NOWW)

    on top of all that. I have met the girl of my dream; Nicole Woon.
    This coming december will mark our 4th year anniversary together. she has been a living proof that after a storm, not only rainbows will come; but the field will start to grow and life can continue.
    I dont know when my next post will be, but Im guessing that everything will be great. I have been off from my past for so long that i am now a very different man.

    goodbye diary, for now!

    BISMA! :) ♥ 8:45 AM link to post 0 comments

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Wow, Its been a long time since I updated my blog. but hey ya diary! im back! I was actually looking at my last post, and I was thinking.. Wow I have came a long way since then..
    So a little update here
    So technically, yes the storm is over. Way over.Its clear blue sky now, and honestly Im not seeing any dark clouds nearby. its time to me to settle down by myself and enjoy the rest of my remaining teen life.
    eversince the last posts, I have met a few amazing friends who have came to support me. even some who didnt really know me much back then. I was blessed with a really amazing neighbor who then constantly reminded me to take care of myself. to top the cake I went out with a few other girls. even if it didnt work out, but at least I know that the last one was not the one that I wanted. I was just blind. I gained a really close friend after sometime, Even if now we are no longer close, but Im sure without the help of these amazing people I would not had made it up to this stage now.
    Oh yea, and my ex best friend is now together with my ex. it was tough at first, really really tough. but I somehow made it through. and yes, now i can finally see them together without getting hurt. even if sometimes I still feel betrayed, I mean, fuck that? at least I know that I shouldnt trust him in the future?
        ok lame shit aside. Now Im in year 3, doing fuckin FYP. YES, IT FEELS LIKE ITS ONLY BEEN 2 MONTHS SINCE I ENROLLED INTO NGEE ANN. HAHAHA but hell fuckin yea, Im graduating in less than a year but i really have no fuckin idea what am I supposed to do after that.

    Ok, and in my last post I remember that I will thank each of my friends who supported me? yes, ill definitely remember these guys
    Amelia - for being an amazing friend who constantly checked in on me. almost every day
    Sean,Ryan,Yuki - For being idiots who always try to make me happy everytime I look sad
    Yuzhen - for being the best neighbor ever. her dog is damn cute btw
    Leonard - For being my long time best friend
    Chelsea - for constantly reminding me that being single is amazing
    John - for making fun of nic when he found out he liked rachel (hahaha, I really liked those)

    Oh and one more update, I finally moved out of bedok court. Im not living in john's place. hahaha
    There goes my one year worth of update

    BISMA! :) ♥ 9:23 AM link to post 0 comments

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    You know what? I've decided. If I can't do it for myself. I will do it for my close friends who have supported me throughout everything. I promise. i wont disappoint them, I really want to make them proud. and I swear, and these people will be the first to know when the storm is over.
    I am not going to let her take over my mind.
    not anymore

    BISMA! :) ♥ 8:03 AM link to post 0 comments

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    You can do anything you want with my life, just three things. do not get my studies, my friends, and my money involved. thank you.

    BISMA! :) ♥ 12:39 PM link to post 0 comments

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    I know I cant tell you. thats why I am writing it here.

    I miss you.

    BISMA! :) ♥ 2:11 AM link to post 0 comments

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    you know. i really dont understand why i have to be left out again. i honestly do not deserve this. officially the worst year in my entire life. this is the first saturday that i actually stay home while my friends are outside. ignorning my calls. _|_ society.. id rather live in a fucking jungle

    BISMA! :) ♥ 1:52 AM link to post 0 comments

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    dear diary,
    Things are getting harder for me.this is hard for me to take. i swear. Im put in a vulnerable position where one mistake means the end of everything. and apperently. I have no knowledge of what is right and wrong with these people.
    am i cursed?

    BISMA! :) ♥ 10:24 AM link to post 0 comments